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Date Night, Part Two

Date Night #2:  "The Something Old Date"

  • Recreate your first date as closely as possible.  If you still live in the same town, this will be fairly easy to do.  If you live in a different location from where you began your relationship, you might have to substitute some things, but make the evening's agenda as close as possible to what you did the first time you went out together.
  • Talk about your favorite memories from the first days and weeks of your relationship.  What special things do you remember from your first few dates that endeared your spouse to you early on?
  • Bring along your wedding album and/or your box of photos/mementos from your dating days and go through them together.
  • If you still have a copy of your wedding vows, read them to each other again.
  • Bonus thought:  If you still have an article of clothing or jewelry that you wore early on in your relationship, wear it on your date.  Depending on its out-of-dateness, it may cause a laugh or two, but that will only add to the memory making!