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Giveaway: The Marriage Coach

My husband has a beautiful tradition.  Every year on his birthday, he gives me and the kids a present.  I suppose I think it's a beautiful tradition because he's really good at giving gifts, so I always receive something wonderful--not just on my birthday, but again five months later on his!

This year, I wanted to follow in his footsteps right here on Treasure the Ordinary.  Sunday is my birthday, and to celebrate, I would love to give away two sets of the newest resource from von Atzigen Ministries, the Marriage Coach CD Set.

The Marriage Coach is a four sermon series that "coaches" couples how to succeed in their marriages.  It was released in February of this year, and we have been so blessed to see the fruit it is reaping in marriages and families.

For more information about the Marriage Coach, log on to

To enter the giveaway, just enter your email address in the subscription box in the upper right hand corner.  Two winners will be drawn from new subscribers on Sunday, June 10th, and notified that same day.

Blessings to you---may you give and receive many gifts this week!