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Sweet Moments in a Hot Summer

We've had a tremendously hot summer already, and it's only June. That doesn't bode well for West Texas. But, I have learned something living in this great state for......a number of years, and that is when it gets hot in Texas, Texans eat watermelon.  And it helps us feel like it's cooler.

It also makes us happier.  My husband had a revelation the other night and shared it with me.  It went something like this.  "I don't have a single bad memory involving watermelons." 

I could tell he was really impressed by that thought, so I stopped to ponder it, too.  The truth is I don't really like watermelons, but I don't have any bad memories of them, either.  It must be because when watermelons are served, the mood turns festive.  And I might pass on the watermelon, but I like a good party.

So, if you need to change the way your day is going, lop off the end of a chilled watermelon and start cutting huge chunks of the sweet stuff and handing them out to whoever is nearby.  Then, stand back and watch the smiles.  Maybe snap a few photos....because watermelons make smiles, and smiles make for good memories.