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A Worship Leader's List of Inspiring Worship Artists

As a worship leader, I'm often asked about where I find music, what I'm listening to at the moment, what my favorite CD is...and I don't mind.  It's great fun to me to point people in the direction of quality, life-giving music. 

To that end, here is an incomplete (sorry, there are just too many) list of some of my most reliable sources of personal inspiration... (click on artist titles to link to website).

For personal worship and "soaking" times:

  • Laura Woodley Osman - A beautiful "free worship" style that stirs my heart every time I listen.  My favorite is the "In Love" CD.
  • Barry and Michelle Patterson - A married couple who have tapped into something amazing.  I have worn out one of their earliest projects, titled "Birth," for the last 10 years...and it still captivates me.
  • All Sons and Daughters - Another married couple who burst on the scene recently with an amazing rock/folk/worship blend I've never heard before.  There's not a non-gorgeous song in their line-up, and they all have powerful messages.
  • Rich Mullins - Yes, I still love him, twenty years after he's gone to be with Jesus.  I think he's probably got Heaven's choir good and warmed up by now, he and his hammer dulcimer.
  • Enter the Worship Circle - A ground-breaking group that changed how I approached worship about 12 years ago, and they are still making great stuff. 
  • David Nevue - He's one man on a piano who lets the keys sing for him.  His music brings rest to my soul, and he plays hymns the way I do in my dreams.
  • Shane and Shane - If I was a man and could play the guitar, I would name myself Shane and join this group.  They are sincerely good, and their acoustic stuff is their best, which is rare and wonderful.
  • Anthony Skinner - Not your average artist.  He has amazing insight in to the heart of the Father.  I also use a couple of his songs for corporate worship.
  • King David - Thousands of years later, he's still got it.

For corporate worship:

  • Bethel Music - Our church doesn't go a week without singing at least one song (usually more) from the group of artists that have emerged from Bethel Church, in Redding, California.  They not only record great sounds, they are capturing the heart of God for a generation of people.  The worship leader within their group that I find myself relating to the most as far as worship leading goes is Jeremy Riddle.
  • Brian and Katie Torwalt - A married couple who minister deeply to my soul while making my toes tap happily along.  They are pretty new on the worship scene, but already have some well known songs that are touching people's hearts every time we sing them.
  • Matt Redmand - I've learned a lot from this man about what it means to lead worship by being a worshipper first.  His ability to put sound doctrine to music is amazing, also.
  • Hillsong Music - I don't usually do a lot of their music on a Sunday morning, but I love listening to it, and there is no denying that they have shaped a large part of the worship culture world-wide over the last decade and a half.  On top of that, their newest song, "Oceans," is just a grand slam.
  • Rita Springer - Another worship leader who has taught me a lot just by setting the bar high and staying faithful to her God.  When I listen to this woman, I feel freer to be me.  It also helps that her voice is in the perfect range for me as a woman worship leader who is more comfortable in the alto realm.
There you have it.  Go ahead.  Just worship today!