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Some "Treasure" News

Last Christmas, my husband surprised me with a special gift.  A beautifully bound copy of the first two years' worth of writings from "Treasure the Ordinary."  His thoughtfulness took my breath away.  I was especially thrilled when I learned he had bought five copies, one for me to keep and four for me to give my mom, my sister, and my grandmothers.  His gift to me allowed me the privilege of being a gift giver to the women who have impacted my life the most.

This year, he's taken it a step farther.  I received in the mail today thirty copies of "Treasure The Ordinary, Volume One."  He bought them for me to offer readers of my little quiet corner, for we have learned that some people would treasure having the printed version to hold in their hands.

If you are one of those readers, I am pleased to make this beautiful copy available to you.  You can click below to purchase your copy on our ministry website.

I would also like to offer any new readers the chance to win one copy in this year's holiday giveaway!  To enter, just follow the directions in the upper right hand corner to subscribe to "Treasure the Ordinary."  Once your free subscription is activated, you will receive all further posts directly in your email box, and will also be entered in the giveaway drawing.  All entries must be submitted by Monday, December 2.

On one final personal note, I would covet your prayers as I travel to India tomorrow for ten days.  Pray that the Lord's plans and purposes for this trip come to pass and that I will follow His lead to touch the one, and then another, and then another...

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